Advisor Resources

Welcome to your one-stop resource for advising.  The resources below were provided by the Campus Advising Committee and Student Central Advisors.  These resources are also available in Moodle in the Advisor Toolbox group.  If you do not see the Advisor Toolbox group on your Moodle dashboard, please contact Wendi Prater ( and she can add you to the group.  Student Central advisors send advising announcements from the site as needed to all campus advisors, so to keep up with the latest information, please join this group.

Faculty Advising Toolkit for McNeese (based on NACADA resources)

START HERE: The Faculty Advisor Ready or Not Pop Quiz

Step 2: The Unique Role of Faculty in Academic Advising

Step 3: Faculty Academic Advising: A Dynamic, Multidimensional Process

Step 4: Components of Quality Academic Advising

Step 5: Thriving as a Faculty Advisor Mastering the Basics

Step 6: Mastering and Managing Information

Step 7: Effective Faculty Advisors

To schedule an advising session with a student use RegisterBlast

Advising Technology Access

RegisterBlast (Appointment System) - Advisor's Login Link URL

RegisterBlast (Appointment System) - Student's Login Link URL

Faculty and Staff Search

TES (Course Transfer Evaluation System)

Degree Plans (Academic Catalog)

Degree Works

Advisor Forms and Resources

Grade Forgiveness Form

Change of Student's Major Form

Student Advising Worksheet

Class Search

VA Information and Forms

TOPS Information

Academic and Financial Aid Appeal Information

Credit Exam Information

Cost of Tuition and Fees


Student Resources

Registration and Advising Resources for Students

RegisterBlast (Appointment System) - Student's Login Link URL

Class Scheduling Tool for Advisors: Puzzle Paper (Tool used to help students plan their semester)

How to register for class using the MyMcNeese portal

How to read the class schedule

Degree Works for students

Enrollment FAQ

Transfer Evaluation System and Policy (Resource for students)


College and Department Information

Informational Signs

Campus Support Resources

University Support Services

Student Central

Counseling Center

Office of Disability Services

Student Health Services (Infirmary)

Campus Library

Online and Campus Tutoring Information

Academic Computing & Learning Center (On Campus Tutoring)

Write to Excellence Center

Campus Map

Student ID Cards

Parking Regulations and Fines

Office of Student Services and Student Life


Where do I get a parking permit?

How do I change my major?

Do I get money back if I withdraw from classes or resign completely from the university?

What is a PTA (Personal Touch Account)?

The class I want is full, is there any way to get into it?

What is a pre-requisite? Co-requisite? Major restriction?

Is there a payment plan for tuition and fees?

How do I update personal information?

How do I get an official copy of my transcript?

How do I withdraw from a class?

What does it mean to be on academic probation or suspension?

How to appeal academic suspension and financial aid ineligibility?

How can I view my final grades?

Understanding Financial Aid

How do I apply for Financial Aid?

What are the requirements to stay eligible for Financial Aid?