Beginner guide to using BigBlueButton

BigBlueButton is a synchronous learning tool that allows instructors to host live online classes, office hours or other meetings within their Moodle course. Students can also collaborate in groups within the course.

Its features include:

  • A private room with audio, video, presentation and whiteboard capabilities allowing students to be fully engaged in the online environment
  • User authentication so each course can have its own private and secure room accessible from within the course.
  • A recording feature that allows online courses to be automatically recorded and posted in Moodle.

You can watch an introductory video that goes over some of the basics of using BigBlueButton as a student. Also, please share this link with students to help them use BigBluButton in Moodle.  It is an article in the student knowledge management system of article, view here.

For more support please visit the BigBlueButton Support Site.

Use the resources below to begin using BigBlueButton in Moodle.

Creating a BigBlueButton video in Moodle 

Recording a big blue button lecture 

Starting a BigBlueButton Conference in Moodle

Recording a big blue button lecture.

BigBlueButton supports live (closed) captioning

Screen Sharing with BigBlueButton

Sharing a Region with BigBlueButton

Configuring a Breakout Room in BigBlueButton

Students Joining a Breakout Room in BigBlueButton

Monitoring Breakout Rooms in BigBlueButton

Updated Playback Layout in BigBlueButton

Restrict Viewer Webcams in BigBlueButton

BigBlueButton Training by Joel Staves 03/16/20 (Video)