Delete a grade column

NOTE: Items associated with a Moodle activity such as “Quiz” or “Assignment” may only be deleted from the gradebook by deleting a course activity. 

For this example, a dummy course will be used. The first item was created by adding a Moodle activity therefore it cannot be deleted directly from the gradebook. The second assignment (essay 1) may be deleted directly from the gradebook because it was not created by adding an activity on the activity screen. 



  1. One may add a category, grade item, or outcome item. In this example the grade item will be used. After selecting “Add Grade Item”, the following screen will appear. 





  1. One can give the item a name, maximum among of points, points required to pass, etc. At the bottom of the screen select “Save Changes”  



  1. The new grade item should now appear in your gradebook. In the even that you decide that you no longer want this item, you may select the “edit” option and then select delete.  



  1. Once this is done, you will receive a question confirming your request. Simply select yes, and the Item should no longer appear in your gradebook.  




  1. The item no longer appears in the gradebook. 

To delete an activity you will need to return to the homepage of your course. Once at the homepage, you will turn the editing option on. 


  1. You will locate the activity that you wish to remove. 


  1. You will go to “Edit” and select “Delete” 


  1. The item will no longer appear on your homepage or your gradebook.