Department Meetings and Teaching Teams Meetings

Jenae Cohn, Academic Technology Specialist for PWR, Stanford University

Beth Seltzer, Academic Technology Specialist for Introductory Studies, Stanford University

Edited for McNeese faculty members: Dr. Wendi Prater, Director of eLearning, McNeese State University

Meetings with Department or Teaching Teams

Synchronous Recommended Video Tool: Microsoft Teams

While you may be able to meet your department and Faculty member colleagues in person, McNeese is temporarily waiving the requirement for in-person meetings. The easiest way is for one team member to schedule a Teams meeting and send the link to everyone else.

You can do this from outlook or download the Teams Meeting app to your computer, phone or tablet, and use the app to launch a teaching team member’s personal meeting room. Others will be able to just click the link.  In Outlook, select the “Team Meeting” toggle when setting up the meeting.

Best practices for web meetings:

  • Have a clear agenda and keep an eye on time--it’s easier for people’s attention to wander during web meetings
  • Sometimes starting with something personal (a quick check-in) can make these meetings feel more personal