Distance Learning Options for Instruction during COVID-19

Our goal in transitioning instruction to distance learning is to accommodate students to help them continue their education despite interruptions caused by COVID-19.  McNeese also seeks to remain in compliance with a complex network of federal, regulatory, and accrediting agencies. 

Recently, the Department of Education (DOE) provided broad approval to institutions to use online technologies to accommodate students on a temporary basis. Please keep in mind that distance learning does not require the use of sophisticated equipment, learning management systems or online platforms.  To meet the Department’s requirements for providing distance education, an institution must communicate to students through one of several types of technology, including email, and instructors must initiate substantive communication with students, either individually or collectively, on a regular basis. In other words, an instructor could use email to provide instructional materials to students enrolled in his or her class, use chat features to communicate with students, set up conference calls to facilitate group conversations, engage in email exchanges or require students to submit work electronically that the instructor will evaluate. 

We are confident that we can continue to serve students during this interruption of instruction and look forward to exploring with you new ways to connect with students.  If needed, please contact the eLearning Department to assist with resources you may need.