How to Print a Quiz from Moodle

Below are the steps that you can follow to print your quiz from Moodle directly. This should allow you to print quizzes when necessary for your students when they are having connectivity issues.

How to print a quiz in Moodle:

  1. Open Course and select quiz to print. Course editing should be off.
  2. Select the Quiz to print.
  3. Select the gear icon, RIGHT side of quiz title.
  4. Select edit settings > Quiz settings. Change the Layout setting for New Page to “never, all questions on one page”.
  5. Click on Save and display.
  6. Change your role in the course from instructor to student. Open menu from Moodle profile (upper right of course). Select switch role > student.
  7.  Return to quiz, open quiz and attempt to take the quiz.
  8. All test questions and answer options will appear.
  9. Right click on quiz and select print.
  10. Go back to the quiz settings and change the Layout setting back to your previous settings. Save settings.

The difference between the master course and a semester course is the Browser Security setting for the Quiz. For faculty and staff to change this:

  1. Edit the Quiz settings
  2. Click the Extra restrictions on attempts heading to expand it
  3. Click Show more
  4. Change the Browser securitysetting to Browser security should be set through the LockDown Browser Dashboard

Though semester courses aren't being run directly through Respondus LockDown Browser or Monitor (with the exception of a practice quiz and the final), it can still influence traditional quiz experiences. This is what has disabled the right-click functionality and neutralized the printing option to a single blank page. 

Faculty should be able to change this setting on quizzes, even if the attempts have already been submitted.