Moodle 3.11 Upgrade

What's new in Moodle™_ – Open LMS Support.pdf

McNeese will upgrade to Moodle 3.11.9 on Tuesday, December 20th at 12: 00 am.  We anticipate that there will be approximately 8 hours of downtime, and McNeese's site will be restored and operational by 8:00 am.

For an overview of the new features and functionalities released in this version, you can read the attached PDF file "What's new in Moodle" which is provided by OpenLMS.  McNeese and the eLearning Department have a partnership with OpenLMS to provide Moodle support and resources.

There is also some self-paced training in the Distance Education for Faculty course, which is located at the top of your Moodle Dashboard.  Log in to Moodle, then open the course and scroll to two new topics:

Changes you will notice from Moodle 3.10 > 3.11

  • Visual changes to completion tracking 
    • Completion tracking tick boxes now appear as "mark as done" buttons on the course page. 
    • New settings allow instructors to hide or show activity dates and completion conditions on the course page. 
    • Please see the separate article about Completion tracking changes in Moodle 3.11 for more details.
  • Learners can control the speed at which Audio and Video files will play. 
  • An Accessibility toolkit (from Brickfield Education Labs) identifies course accessibility issues. 
  • Instructors can hide content in the content bank by marking it as unlisted. 
  • A new column in the content bank displays the number of times an item is linked. 
  • Instructors can view overrides and students can view pass grades directly on the Quiz page. 
  • Custom profile fields may be selected in User policies > Show user identity so they display in participant lists. 

Please see the New Features in v3.11 documentation for more information.