Moodle Gradebook

The Moodle gradebook automatically aggregates scores and feedback from assignments, activities, and/or manual grades from your course. Students can view their own grades in individualized reports which protect student privacy. Instructors can decide when and how students see the gradebook. Instructors and Teaching Assistants can use the gradebook to manually enter and edit grades (Overriden), import grades from outside sources, or export the gradebook to backup the gradebook or to manage it in another software (like Excel).   

McNeese encourages faculty members to set up their gradebooks to calculate a letter grade for the course. Providing students with a letter grade helps students easily understand how well they are doing in class.  The articles below will provide steps for Moodle to calculate letter grades for your course.

Moodle maintains a history of changes made to the gradebook to allow instructors to audit who made changes and when.


How Grading Works in Moodle

Alternate Grading Methods and Feedback

How to Open the Course Gradebook in Moodle

Letter Grades in Moodle

Give Students a Running Total of Their Letter Grade

Setup Your Gradebook

Gradebook Views: An Overview of Gradebook Features

Grade Book Visibility

Configure the Gradebook 

Preparing your Final Course Grades

Enter, Import & Export Grades

Record Grades

Drop Lowest Grade

Give Extra Credit and Add to Gradebook Calculation

Modify Extra Credit in Gradebook Calculation 

Activities that are graded automatically:

  • Grade assignments
  • Grade with Rubrics or Grading Guides
  • Blind Grading for Moodle Assignment Submissions

Enter and Edit Grades in Gradebook by Overriding them:

  • Manually Edit Grades and Grade Overrides 
  • Edit Grades for Individual Students or Activities

Review Individual student grades or filter the grade book by groups

Import grades from external sources or export data to calculate grades in external software

  • Import Student Data to the Moodle Gradebook
  • Export Gradebook Data
  • Export grades

Gradebook Troubleshooting