Moodle Overview of Features and Settings

Move Courses Online Fast

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Classroom Management Recommendations

Moodle Training

Formal Statements to add to Syllabus (Approved by Deans Fall 2020)

Moodle Resources by Topic 

Log In and Out

How to Log In and Out of Moodle

How to Login into MyMcNeese, Moodle, and Faculty Help (video)

Log in to Moodle (Video - No Sound)

Accessing Moodle Remotely

Forgot password? Need to reset My McNeese Portal password?

Access Course and Customize Dashboard

Where's my course in Moodle?

Customizing Courses Viewed on Moodle Dashboard

Updating Moodle profile

Add Photo to Moodle Dashboard

How do I hide my course, make it not visible, to my students?

Moodle Course Visibility / Hidden

Activate a course in Moodle

Restricting Access To An Activity in Moodle

Creating An Activity or Resource That Will Be Restricted

Copy or Restore Moodle Course

Transfer, move or copy a course from a prior term

Transfer, move or copy a course from another instructor

Copy exams, test, quizzes, and other activities to another course

Backup Moodle Course for Safe Keeping

Restore Moodle Course from Backup file (.mbz)

Creating or Updating a Moodle Course

Planning Your Course in Moodle

Request a McNeese Course Shell Template

Organizing Your Course

Best Practices in Content Delivery in Moodle

10 Steps for Universal Course Design

Expand Use of Online Textbook Resources

How to Edit a Course in Moodle

Communication and Engagement

Moodle Announcements

Emailing Students from Course in Moodle

Virtual Meetings

Pre-Recorded Lecture Tips

Virtual Office Hours

RegisterBlast (Schedule Advising Sessions with Students)

Types of Forums in Moodle

Adding Forum

Discussion Forum

Viewing Forum Discussions

What is Wiki and How It Is Useful in Moodle

Settings and Features in Course

Types of Activity and Descriptions

Types of Resources and Descriptions

Identifying Key Tools and Functions within Moodle

Add URL / Website Link in Moodle Course (View on external web page)

Add Embedded Webpage Link (URL) to Course (View within Moodle)

Adding Video Audio To Course

Red Shelf Resources and Textbooks

Installing the RedShelf Tool in Moodle

Setup Moodle to take class attendance

Enter class attendance in Moodle

Tests and Proctoring Exam Features

Turninin Features

Gradebook Features

Taking Attendance

Create and Edit Groups and Groupings in Moodle

Enable Group Mode in Your Course or Course Activity

Course Appearance

Request a McNeese Course Shell Template

Remove Module Title in Moodle Course

Student Accommodations

Extra Credit Assignments