ODS Accommodation (Traditional Exams)

Students enrolled in traditional lecture courses where exams are administered with pencil and paper will take their exams at the testing center in Drew Hall Room 200.  As the instructor, you will need to notify the ODS office of the amount of time the class gets to take the exam because the student registered with ODS receives time and a half (e.g. if the class gets 60 minutes for an exam, the ODS student will receive 90 minutes or one hour plus the extra 30 minutes). It will be the student's responsibility to notify the instructor that they are registered with the Office of Disability Services. On exam days, the instructor may  email the test to Tim Delaney (tdelaney@mcneese.edu) or Hilda Wiley (hwiley@mcnenese.edu) or have someone from the ODS office pick up the exam. Once student has taken exam, the it will be returned to the professor or department office. 

NOTE: Some professors like to drop off and pick up exams themselves, if you wish to do deliver or retrieve completed exams, you will need to notify Tim Delaney or Hilda Wiley.