Proctored Exams and Tests in Moodle

McNeese has subscriptions for SmarterProctoring, Respondus, and ProctorU. In addition some faculty and staff  members self-proctor exams for students.  Below are article to assist with each type of service.

Start with Moodle settings if using Moodle for exams

Edit exam or quiz in Moodle

Add a test, exam or quiz into course in Moodle

Respondus - (Exams are paid by McNeese with student fees)

 Share instructions with students

Instructor syllabus and course information for Respondus LockDown Browser

Instructions for Environmental Check (Scan) 

Instructor Moodle Settings

Add Respondus Monitoring and Lockdown Browser to an exam in Moodle

Download Install Respondus Lockdown Browser

Add Respondus LockDown Browser Block in to Moodle dashboard

Why practice exams in Respondus LockDown and Monitor are important

Enabling Respondus Lockdown Browser app on iPad

Using the Respondus test bank network

Add external links (E-Book, PDF, files, etc) to Respondus

Reopen exam impacted by a campus or a student's remote access connectivity issue

Reviewing webcam videos from Respondus Monitor

How is Respondus Review Priority Determined?

What are Respondus Flags and Milestones?

Understanding Respondus Proctoring Results

Respondus LockDown Browser & Monitor Training 3/18/19

SmarterProctoring - (Exams are paid by McNeese with student fees)

How to Add an Exam using SmarterProctoring to McNeese's Moodle (step by step instructions)

SmarterProctoring Automated Proctoring

Adding a SmarterProctoring to a Course

ProctorU - (Students pay for ProctorU exams)

Add a test, exam or quiz into course in Moodle

Edit exam or quiz in Moodle

Instructions for Environmental Check (Scan) (These are instructions are written for Respondus users, however ProctorU environmental scans are very similar).

Reopen exam impacted by connectivity issue

ProtcorU Pricing

Using ProctorU

Campus Faculty or Staff-Proctored Exam

Self-Proctor an Exam

General FAQs

Test, Exam, Quiz FAQ for Faculty