Duplicate an exam, test or quiz in Moodle to provide extended time for select students or provide a self proctored test

If you have received an accommodation request from a student to receive extended time on assessments or other types of accommodations, the information below will help you provide those accommodations in Moodle.  

NOTE: For some students, instead of duplicating the exam, you can provide the additional time with an override for the student and then place a time limit on the exam, such providing 50% more  exam time.  See the instructions below for these steps.  However, some students have additional accommodations to consider; therefore, you may need to duplicate the exam to provide additional support.

To provide an accommodation on an exam to select students:

Self-proctoring an exam

Some accommodations may necessitate self-proctoring an exam for a student or a group of students.  Please use the following resources.

Additional resources you may need:

Web Conference, Virtual Meeting, Virtual Classroom Resources

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