Screen Sharing with BigBlueButton

Starting Screen Sharing

Below is a video the demonstrates how to share your screen you can skip to 5:30 which is when the tutorial for screen sharing begins.

To start screen sharing, the faculty member clicks the screen-sharing icon in the toolbar.


BigBlueButton will display the Screen Sharing Presenters Preview window. This will show you a thumbnail view of what others see when the screen sharing starts.


The window displays a set of images that guide you through starting the screen sharing. These images are specific to your combination of operating system and browser.

When you click ‘Start’, BigBlueButton will download screenshare.jnlp. The file may be called screenshare(1).jnlp, screenshare(2).jnlp, etc. depending on previous downloads.

Following the steps shown in the window, you can open the screenshare.jnlp, which causes Java to launch and download and run BigBlueButton Screenshare. Java will display certificate confirmation dialog requesting permissions to run BigBlueButton Screenshare.


Once running, the Desktop Sharing Presenters Preview window shows a thumbnail video of what students are currently seeing. This thumbnail is not resizable (students see the desktop in a resizable window).


The presenter can pause/resume the desktop sharing stream. Clicking ‘Close’ will stop the desktop sharing.