Start of Term Checklist

  1. Verify that each of your course shells is present in Moodle. If courses are missing, first contact your department chair to determine if the course is missing from Banner.  Next, contact the Office of E-Learning if the course present in Banner and is only missing in Moodle. 

  1. Create course content for new online course or import content from a previously taught course to the current semester course. 

  1. Add any additional instructors, or other users who may need access to your course.  

  1. Update dates on course “Activities” 

  1. If you are using the weekly layout, make sure that the weeks have the appropriate start dates. 

  1. Update all schedule dates and deadlines in course. 

  1. Update and upload syllabus. 

  1. Update and upload new welcome for course, post course announcements. 

  1. Add or check grade items, assignments, quizzes, discussions, update syllabus and schedule.  

  1. Verify that publisher materials import correctly. 

  1. Prior to the first day of class, make sure your course is not hidden (and therefore unavailable to enrolled students)Visibility of the course prior to the start of class, allows our students to access your course, places the course in the student’s Moodle dashboard, and allows them to verify that their course registration is accurate prior to starting class. 

  1. Confirm class roster. 

  1. Send a welcome message to students. Let them know that they can access course resources vis Moodle. 

  2. Add your photo to Moodle and Office 360 dashboards.

  1. Review the online teaching certification program for a new resources and skills.