Student Accommodations

McNeese State University is committed to ensuring equal access to information for all faculty and students. The Office of Disability Services and eLearning have gathered the articles and resources below to assist with student accommodation requests and compliance.

Office of Accessibility Services policies, forms and contact information

Accommodations in Moodle

Student Accommodations to extend time on an exam

Duplicate an exam, test or quiz in Moodle to provide extended time for select students in a class or provide a self proctored test

Excuse a student from an assignment in Moodle

Accessibility Recommendations

Faculty members use multiple devices to deliver and capture instructional content.  Some faculty members ask students in their class to assist with recording lectures and capturing lecture content to later provide in Moodle.  Please let the eLearning department know if you need help with additional resources.

Voice Type, Speech-to-Text

Use the tools below to capture as text live on campus or online lectures, take notes using voice typing, or use these tips to transcribe course videos for closed captioning. Please note, that some addition edits may be needed once these tools transcribe speech it hears in to text.  Using a microphone will improve service. However, as you learn how to speak (tone, speed, volume) using these tools and as the tools learn to hear your voice, this will improve and minimize the number of edits you find.

Windows PC or Office 365

Speech to Text for Windows and Microsoft 365

Dictate in Microsoft 356

Use Dictation to Talk Instead of Type on PC

Google Docs (Works well to capture as text live lectures, or play a video with feature on to transcribe/provide closed captions.)

Type with your voice  Go to Google Drive > New > Docs > Tools > Voice Typing

Apple - Mac, iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone

Voice Control on Mac

Voice Control on iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone  (See dictation section)

Hear Text, Make Any Document Audible, Text-to-Speech

Microsoft Windows

Mac - Once activated on. Mac > highlight text in document > right click > select speech > start speaking.

Mac Voiceover User Guide


Google Play Android