Timesheet Changes in Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Timesheet Guidance for Civil Service and Unclassified Employees

The Coronavirus outbreak has disrupted normal working schedules for most employees. Throughout the duration of the modified working conditions, all Civil Service and Unclassified Staff must continue to submit their timesheets as scheduled in the Banner System whether they are working on campus, working remotely, telecommuting or using annual or sick leave.  

Supervisors must approve timesheets according to normal deadlines.  Employees should submit leave slips to supervisors for approval as soon as practical.  If not practical, employees must submit their leave slips to supervisors for signature approval within seven (7) working days from the date the campus resumes normal operations.

Timesheet Guidance for Faculty

 During the modified working conditions, Faculty may delay submittal of their monthly paper timesheets to supervisors until the end of the academic term.  Upon completion of the academic term, faculty must then submit their March, April and May timesheets, along with supporting leave slips, to their Supervisors by May 11, 2020.  

Supervisors must approve and forward approved the timesheets, along with supporting leave slips, to Payroll by May 15.

Employees with extenuating circumstances, or questions about specific situations, should communicate directly with their supervisor.