McNeese voicemail greetings for calls forwarded to an external phone

At McNeese is important that all calls be answered at all times in a professional manner and this applies to remote offices and work spaces.

If you are working from a remote office and are forwarding your office calls to an external phone, please remember to answer all calls in the same professional manner you would on campus if you were in your office.  Example: "Good morning. Thank you for call the eLearning Department. This is Wendi Prater. How may I help you?".

If your calls are being forwarded to an external phone and that phone will be accepting voicemail messages, please change the voicemail message on the external phone to the same message you use on your office phone.  Even if the phone is your personal mobile phone --- if you have McNeese calls being forwarded to your personal mobile phone, change the mobile phone greeting to the same greeting used on your office phone.