Classroom Guidance for Student Presentations

Jenae Cohn, Academic Technology Specialist for PWR, Stanford University,

Beth Seltzer, Academic Technology Specialist for Introductory Studies, Stanford University, 

Edited for McNeese faculty members: Dr. Wendi Prater, Director of eLearning, McNeese State University,

Student Presentations

Pedagogical Recommendations:

If students are sharing their presentations asynchronously

  • Ask students to record themselves at their screen, using a web camera, the built-in microphone on their computer, and screen sharing software combined to capture both their faces/persons as well as the slides on the screen. 
    • Microsoft Teams, BigBlueButton can be used for audio/video recording in this capacity, as can Quicktime (on Mac only).
      • If students want to use presenter notes while recording in web conference, they can to use two monitors with screen sharing. If students do not have access to two monitors, they can also use the screen sharing function in Google Slides  by selecting to share only the window with the final slidedeck and NOT to share the window that pops up with the presenter notes. (i.e. "squish" both windows so they could appear side-by-side).
    • Voiceover narration in slide deck creation software can also be used via Keynote (Mac), PowerPoint (Mac or PC), or Quicktime (Mac).
    • Students can save their final recording file and upload it to Moodle via Assignments or Discussions
      • If students submit the recording via Moodle Assignments, the file will only be visible to the instructor. If students submit the recording via Moodle Discussions, the file will be visible to the full class community. 
        • If using Discussions, students can upload a brief audio file or provide a URL link to an audio file uploaded to SharePoint or YouTube etc.
      • If students submit the recording via SharePoint, make sure the appropriate share settings have been enabled for students to upload their own files to a Box folder that you have created for the class.
      • If students do not have access to a laptop computer or webcam, they can also use the voice memo feature on a phone to record audio, save audio files, and upload the audio files to either Moodle or Office 365 SharePoint. Invite students to share their slide decks and audio/video files separately if necessary.

If students are sharing their presentations synchronously: 

  • Ask students to use Team or BigBlueButton to give a live presentation for their peers. 

Student-Facing Language to add to Syllabus or Moodle Activity Description to Help Students Understand Options for Presentations

Student-Facing Language For Students Giving Live Presentations

Your instructor will provide the URL to the Team Meeting or BigBlueButton roomSimply click the URL or paste into your browser of choice to open the meeting.

  • Audio and Video Setup 
    • After launching the web meeting from the meeting URL, you will be prompted to join the room’s audio. Click “join audio by computer.” Team or BigBlueButton allows audio participation through your computer’s internal speakers, a headset, or a phone line. 
  • Mute Yourself/Stop Webcam 
    • To mute, click the microphone icon in the bottom-left corner. To unmute, click the microphone icon again. Follow the same process to turn the webcam on and off. 
    • Background noise can be minimized if you mute yourself when you’re listening.

Share Screen 

Participants are able to share applications or documents using Share Screen. After selecting “Share Screen”, Teams or BigBlueButton will present a list of all active applications and available desktops on your computer. 

NOTE: By default, screen share opens in full screen. If you have the participants list and chat windows open (they will display on the right-hand side of the meeting), the windows will be hidden in full screen. Either click “Exit Full Screen” in the upper right corner or re-enable the windows by clicking “Manage Participants” and “Chat”. The annotation toolbar allows participants to draw and make comments on the shared screen. Your instructor may choose to disable this feature. To end the screen share, choose “Stop Share”

Student-Facing Language for Students Pre-Recording Presentations 

Uses a web camera, the built-in microphone on the computer, and screen sharing software combined to capture your face (in window) as well as the slides on your screen. 


  • Open McNeese’s Team Meeting or BigBlueButton. (you may be prompted to give your McNeese ID  and password to log in)
  • Click Host a Meeting (don’t worry, you don’t need anyone else in the mtg!) 
  • Be sure to activate audio and video. When you activate video you will have a video window in the upper corner of your ppt where we can see you presenting the material 
  • Turn on Screen Sharing (center bottom) and you’ll be prompted to select what you want to share: go to your desktop (and select your ppt)  or you may see your ppt as a direct option, if you have the file open.  
  • Hit record (bottom center screen).
  • When you finish your presentation, hit end recording
  • Upload your file to Moodle or SharePoint if using Teams (BigBlueButton recordings will be saved in course) and send your instructor the presentation link. (note: recording can be done multiple times, so please feel free to practice)