Tutoring On-Campus and Online

McNeese has several tutoring options available on campus and online to assist students.  

Encourage students to contact you for help outside of class - Many students will miss the obvious and the best source for help, the course instructor.  Include contact information in your course syllabi so students can schedule appointment times with you.

Free Online Tutoring - Students create an account to access free online tutoring provided by the State Library of Louisiana and powered by Tutor.com, a service of The Princeton Review.  In addition to live tutors, students can also use the Write Tutor Drop-off Essay Review service for help with written assignments and research papers or Drop-off a Math question. Student begin by selecting the "Start Now" button from the Homework Louisiana home page to create an account and login. Once logged in, they select Get Tutor Now to connect to a live tutor, or they can scroll down the page to select other tutoring resources and services.

Online Tutoring The Write to Excellence Center (WTEC) and Literature Lab - Only online tutoring is available.  Additional information about online tutoring and contacting the center is available here.  The center is located in Kaufman 115.

Use this campus map for additional on-campus tutoring services.

Language Resource Center - located in Kaufman Hall Room 308, offers extensive tutoring for students enrolled in foreign language courses. The lab consists of computers with language programs and recording capabilities, study tables for small groups, and a Promethean board and Smart TV for group viewing. More information may be obtained from the student’s foreign language instructor.

Mathlab Tutoring Center - located in Kirkman Hall Room 201, provides tutoring for students enrolled in Math 113, College Algebra. The ACC Tutoring Center works on a first-come, first-served basis, so no appointments are necessary. To view tutoring times, visit aclc.mcneese.edu/ttcenters.

Tutoring Center - located in Kirkman Hall Room 129, provides tutoring for students enrolled in math, biology, chemistry, physics, and/or engineering courses. To view tutoring times and subjects being tutored, visit aclc.mcneese.edu/ttcenters.

Learn about additional campus services here.