Updated Articles

  1. AI, IT or eLearning Solutions

    Find AI support help at McNeese Online's knowledge base. Get assistance from our virtual assistant to address your queries and optimize your experience.
  2. Navigate for Instructors

    Discover how to use the Navigate Student App with McNeese Online. Follow our guide to access student resources, manage your schedule, and stay connected with campus updates through the mobile app.
  3. CBE Outcomes - Competency-Based education course outcomes for topics and activities

    Explore competency-based education (CBE) outcomes, course topics, and activities at McNeese Faculty Online. Learn how to implement CBE in your courses, enhance student learning, and track competency-based achievements.
  4. AI Prompts to identify High Wage High Demand (HWHD) job skills for course topics and activities

    Discover how to use AI prompts for high-wage, high-demand job skills in Moodle activities at McNeese Faculty Online. Learn to integrate essential job skills training into your Moodle courses, enhance student engagement, and prepare students for high-demand careers.
  5. Open Textbook Library

    Explore the Open Textbook Library at McNeese Faculty Online. Discover free textbooks and open educational resources, access course materials, and enhance your teaching and learning experience with freely available resources.
  6. Microsoft Office 365, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive, SharePoint, Access, Publisher

    Explore Office 365 support help at McNeese Faculty Online. Find solutions to common issues, learn how to use Microsoft Office tools effectively, and optimize your productivity with Office 365.
  7. Instructions for Environmental Check (Scan) for online test

    Learn how to perform an environmental check scan at McNeese Faculty Online with our step-by-step guide. Understand the scanning process, troubleshooting tips, and ensure a smooth experience for your online activities.
  8. Access to library resources off-campus

    Learn how to access library resources off-campus at McNeese Faculty Online. Discover our guide for accessing books, journals, and databases from home, troubleshoot access issues, and optimize your research experience.
  9. Self-Publish Textbook - Add and Edit a Book Activity Resource in Moodle

    Learn how to add and edit book activity resources in Moodle at McNeese Faculty Online. Explore our comprehensive guide, troubleshoot common issues, and enhance your course content with effective book resources.
  10. Tutoring On-Campus and Online

    Discover tutoring services on campus and online at McNeese Faculty Online. Learn about academic support options, access on-campus and virtual tutoring sessions, and enhance your learning experience with expert assistance.