Moodle Announcements

Keep your students up to date by posting Announcements in Moodle.  Announcements is a special forum for general news and course announcements. A course may only have one Announcements forum and this forum is automatically created in a new course. By default, it is typically placed in the first module of the course and only faculty members can  create new posts.

Posted announcements are sent to each student's McNeese email account.  Posting announcements in the course helps students by keeping all course information and communication attached within the class.  With the volume of email we all get at the beginning of each semester, using announcements for course information and news is important because the messages are easily accessible in the course as well as in each student's email inbox. 

Post Announcements

  1. Log in to Moodle
  2. Open your course
  3. Announcements are located in the top module of the course.
  4. Make sure your course editing is turned off.  If you see a button "Turn editing on", it's off.  If you see a button, "Turn editing off", select it to turn the course editing off.
  5. Select the Announcement link to open the course announcements page.
  6. Select the "Add a new topic" button.
  7. Type your message, then select "Post to Forum".
  8. Once the message has been posted. To edit, delete, or reply to a posted announcement, open the posted message and use the links at the bottom of the message.
  9. The Pin and UnPid button at the top of the message block allows to you pin select messages to the top of the announcement list.
  10. Each course has default setting for 5 announcements.  You can change this in settings for up to 10 course announcements.
  11. If needed, edit announcements from the course Administration Block > edit settings.

Removing Announcements

If you do not plan to use Announcements in your course it may be removed as follows:

  1. In the course, select the gear icon, then select "edit settings".
  2. Scroll down to Appearance and set the "Number of announcements" to 0.
  3. Or, Delete Announcements activity from the course homepage
  4. Alternatively - hide or delete the Announcements forum from the course. Turn editing on >Select "Edit" next to Announcement activity > Select Delete > Select the "Turn editing off" button.