New Features in Moodle 3.11

Moodle version 3.11 brings a number of enhancements visible to instructors and learners. There are some visual changes to activity completion and a new toolkit by Brickfield Education Labs can help to identify accessibility issues within courses. Here's a more comprehensive list of the changes you can expect to find...

Activity completion

  • Students can mark an activity as complete from within the activity itself.
  • New settings allow teachers to hide or show activity dates and completion conditions on the course and activity pages.
  • The activity completion report may be filtered by activity and activity order.

An Accessibility toolkit (from Brickfield Education Labs) identifies course accessibility issues.

  • Course content is analyzed so teachers can identify and fix accessibility errors.
  • A heatmap offers a colored and contextual view of the areas of concern.
  • Errors can be viewed in graphic form, or as a list with a downloadable report.

H5P and content bank enhancements

  • Admins can disable selected H5P content types from the admin settings.
  • Teachers can hide content in the content bank by marking it as unlisted.
  • A new column in the content bank displays the number of times an item is linked.
  • An alert is displayed when linked content is about to be deleted, explaining what will happen


  • Teachers can view overrides and students can view pass grades directly on the Quiz page.
  • Changes from the default settings of a question type are retained for the next time a teacher creates a question.
  • A minimum and maximum word limit can be specified for Essay questions.
  • If a plagiarism checker is installed, it now supports the Essay question type.


  • Admins can set the order in which backpacks are listed for users.
  • Moodle 3.11 is Open Badges v 2.1 compliant and a new OAuth 2 Open Badges service enables users to connect to their OB v 2.1 compliant backpack without having to enter their credentials into Moodle.

User profile 

  • A new Social profile field replaces the hard-coded fields in the user profile.
  • Custom profile fields may be selected in User policies > Show user identity so they display in participant lists.

Other improvements

  • Students can control the speed at which Audio and Video files will play.
  • Enable or disable role permission overrides when restoring or importing a course.
  • Titles may now be displayed in the Section links block.