Import BigBlueButton Recordings into a New Imported Course

When BigBlueButton (BBB) video activities are imported into a new course, each of the BBB activities also need the videos from the BBB server linked to the new course.  Please follow the steps below to import prior semester videos into a new course's BBB activities.

  1. Open the course and do not turn course editing on.
  2. Scroll to the BigBlueButton (BBB) activity that does not have videos imported and select the activity.
  3. From the BBB Recordings menu, select the "Import recording links" button.
  4. Select the Course with the videos you would like to import into the BBB activity, and then select the BBB activity/videos to import.
  5. A list of videos will be populated.  Select the up arrow from the "Toolbar" column for each video you would like to include in the activity.  Once each of the videos is selected, choose the "Go Back" button.
  6. You will not see each of the selected BBB videos in the Recordings list.
  7. Repeat these steps for the other BBB activities imported into the new course.