View course information for suspended students and students that dropped a course in Moodle; or last day of attendance report

There are several ways to view information about students who have dropped a course depending on how the information will be used - either for advising and mentorship or for the Financial Aid / Registrar's Office's last date of attendance report.

For advising and mentorship, the faculty member can review the student's graded items from the grade book.

This can be toggled on and off with a simple grader report setting. To view suspended users in the grader report:

  1. Open the grade book
  2. Click the "Setup" tab
  3. Click the "Preferences: Grader Report" tab
  4. Scroll to the General section
  5. Set "Show only active enrollments" to Yes or to No to view the "Suspended" dropped students.
  6. Save setting.
  7. Once you have viewed the grade book, you can also repeat these instructions to hide those users again. 

For the last day of attendance and to review the activity logs for advising sessions:

Most instructors either use the last date that students access the course, which is located in the course roster or they pull an activity log in the course.  

For students that have dropped and have a suspended status in the course, open the course roster (Participants), then filter for "inactive".  For the time period, I recommend selecting 1 year.  This will populate a list of "Suspended" students in the course.  From the filtered roster you will see the date that the students last accessed the course.

The other method is to review the course activity log.  From the course home page, Select the gear icon from the course banner.  Then select more.  From the Course Administration tab, open Logs.  To filter or a particular student, select Participants and then scroll to the student you need to find in the list.  Once the log populates, you can note the last date a student attended the course or completed an activity.